requests are closed
"I miss your blog your manips are the best! x"


I’ll try to start posting again i’ve been super busy lately sorry :(

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"That young Harry with now Harry manip was cruel. I sobbed. You're so good at them though, too job 👌👌"


sry anon but thaanks <3

"Are you sure you make manips? Theyre so perfect! It looks 100% real! Love it <3"


THANK YOU thats so sweet!

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"Dang. I just missed requests sobsss."


aww ): hopefully next time x

posted 1 year ago

Requests are closed

I’ll be posting the to do list later xx

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requests are opeen

read the page pls

posted 1 year ago

I’ll open requests in half an hour or so! x

posted 1 year ago
"i love your manips, i always request chayn and you make them perfectly"


thanks! im glad :))

posted 1 year ago